About Benda

Benda Company is the official Israeli representative and distributor for the leading international brands, such as:
Western-DigitalTP-linkSanDiskXBOXLogitechUniview, UBIQUITI, Dji, and more ...
Benda distributes a variety and innovative, high-quality products from the fields of IT technology, media, the Gaming world, computer peripherals and security.

In addition to the import, marketing and distribution, Benda places a great emphasis on providing service and support for products it provides to her customers.
Since it started operations in 1982, led by founder and CEO Mordechai Ben-David, Benda has earned a reputation, both in the private and business sectors, as a distributor of products characterized by technological innovation, reliability and high quality level. Among the success stories of the company is the house brand "Silver-Line", which became a well-known quality brand, providing customers with the highest value for their money in a variety of categories. All "Silver-Line" products are manufactured at the world's most advanced factories and meets the highest quality standards of BENDA.
Benda currently employs over a 140 employees in 6 different departments. BENDA has a strong economic base and is one of the leading companies in the field.


Advanced logistics

Further to BENAD's growth, the Company has relocated its logistics center to "EmekHefer", covering an area of 6,000 square meters. The Company operates an advanced and independent logistics center for her customer convenient. 
The new operations center in EmekHefer including independent structure which serves all branches of the company, including advanced storage and distribution system extensive. All of these have been adapted to the trend of expansion of the company due to the great demand for products supplied by it.
For instance, the new warehouse, which controls an area of over 5,000 square meters, is designed to streamline the processes of distribution and delivery of products on a large scale using a logistic system and a highly trained and professional staff.
Designing the warehouse, including access roads, loading &unloading platforms for the fleet of trucks, automation and control processes using special software, all of which are designed to provide fast, efficient and quality needs of our customers.
Benda holds the credit for the success and winning to its employees, which many of them have many years of experience, and are careful andalert to customer needs, or can recognize trends and unique opportunities in the market.


The vision

Benda first priority is her customer best interests, and therefore gives utmost importance to the quality of the products it sells.
The company's vision is continue leading in areas of it's her expertise in which it specializes, while expanding the range of products and equipment which imports and distributes, as well as become a leading player in the vertical markets through a range of technological solutions for the telecommunications and IT, all the while maintaining quality and reliable products, and uncompromising and professional support.