Benda is proud to lead the market of IT and Security in Israel with more than 5,000 customers and Point Of Sale, which among them are

  • Networks and retail / wholesale
  • Private shops
  • 800 SystemIntegrators
  • Telecom companies and ISP's
  • Commercial companies,Military & Government offices and institute

The company sees its many customers, both distributors and consumers, as full partners in success. Benda attentive to their needs and invests its best efforts to provide efficient, professional and high quality service. The company cultivates personal connection with its customers in order to produce a long-term commercial relationships based on trust and mutual success

The company's distribution system, which includes a fleet of 10 trucks, is available to clients from all over the country, including special delivery at any times& placeneeded
An independent and effective delivery system provide the customers security and reliability which allows them to focus on their area of expertise, when they know Benda always deliver on time.

Brands & Goods

Benda Provide its customers a wide range verity of products in the fields of: IT, Security and computer communications and peripherals, and cellular field by leading international brands such as
Western-Digital, TP-LINK, SanDisk, Nintendo, Logitech, Silverline, Microsoft, Uniview ,Ubiquiti and more

The company places great emphasis on product variety and quality. All of the products imported by Benda has been screened and retrained to adapt them to local market needs and preferences of local consumers

The whole range of products marketed by Benda can be purchased from authorized resellers, leading retail chains and stores and computing peripherals